Becoming a Trusted Advisor in 3 Key Stages

Trust is the central tenet for influence.  People will only listen to you, accept guidance from you, and take action on your insights if they trust that you have their best interests at heart. Transactional marketing firms are a dime a dozen. Bedrock recognizes that true value lies in the both the crafting and implementation of your story and messaging. Regardless of what level of engagement you choose, Bedrock leverages its industry experience to develop a message that will drive ROI in your target market.

With every level of support we strategize and then execute. Bedrock becomes a brand partner who intimately understands your businesses and your story so we can help you tell it to the world.


Craft Your Story

For your business, you need a well-crafted backstory to help people relate to you, pay attention to you, and remember you. Bedrock will help define your narrative and work with your team to leverage our years of experience in brand development in order to create a more authentic marketing campaign. We leverage industry insight, keyword and competitor analysis to ensure we produce the most effective and authentic narrative, possible.

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Share The Story

At first people believe this level of content generation can be taxing, however we leverage a strategy we call Document-&-Disperse that makes it very cost effective to create quality content efficiently. Scheduling and posting of both video and image content will effectively bring about brand awareness and engage your target audience.


Engage the Community

Our methodology is based on principles of marketing, psychology, and adult learning theory.  The essence of the principle is to grab the interest of future community members with short, high impact, emotionally based messaging that captures attention in a very short period of time < 3 seconds, to start building the relationship where they are following you, consuming your content, and eventually interacting with you. 


While the first two stages of our marketing methodology is focused on getting the message out there, the third stage is all about bringing the community in.


Research shows the time from not knowing you, to building a high level of trust takes an average 7 hours of interaction.


Once you are seen as a Trusted Advisor whom is Selfless rather than self-serving, it is then that you create a base of raving fans who want to do business with you and want to talk about you to their respective social networks.

Our Packages


$5k/m Strategy

$5k/m Execution

$5k/m Strategy

$10k/m Execution

$10k/m Strategy

$15k/m Execution

What’s Included