Bedrock Affect Client: Darwin AI

DarwinAI has developed an engine that automatically generates highly optimized deep neural networks that are orders of magnitude smaller than comparable solutions, and with an 'explainable' ability to understand why a network makes decisions. The company's technology can achieve compacting ratios as high as 520:1 for specific network architectures without sacrificing functional accuracy.

Darwin’s engine is employed as follows: 1) the user provides a model or task, training inputs, and hardware and performance specifications; 2) the DarwinAI engine builds an optimized deep neural network up to three orders of magnitude more compact than the original; 3) the network is deployed and significant performance gains are realized; 4) the network is re­optimized using the platform as new training data becomes available and/or new features are added.



CO­FOUNDERS: Sheldon Fernandez (CEO), Arif Virani (COO), Alexander Wong (CTO)

Bedrock Affect: