Bedrock Affect Client: Wondereur

Wondereur is an AI fintech platform bringing real-time intelligence to the $2T USD art asset market. This platform analyzes long term drivers of an artist's market value, including gallery and museum endorsements, publications, art movements, and ideas to then deliver intelligent indices that include a suggested price range and the forecasted projected growth for any piece of contemporary art.

Wondereur analyzes long term drivers of an artist’s market value by collecting gallery and museum endorsements and a representative sample of dealer market prices which, through AI, reveal the validation mechanisms behind contemporary art prices. Data is sourced from unstructured and highly fragmented sources on the web and from users (proprietary data from corporate collections, museums, collectors, and individuals). Wondereur delivers real-time intelligence about art assets through a smart chat-like interface (desktop/mobile). It provides access to an unbiased market value (present and future), growth analysis and forecast as well as arbitrage opportunities on over 100,000 artists globally.



CAN CO-FOUNDERS: Olivier Berger (Founder), Sophie Perceval (Founder)

Bedrock Affect: