Bedrock Affect Client: SomaDetect

SomaDetect has developed an optical sensor technology that measures critical indicators of milk quality (fat, protein, somatic cells, progesterone, antibiotic residuals) via light­scattering, computer vision and deep­learning. The company has a research partnership with Cornell University's College of Agricultural and Life Science to further develop and refine their models.

SomaDetect technicians install a sensor system into each parlour milking stall. Once installed, the sensors will turn on alongside the parlour system and make automated measurements throughout the milking. The software delivers reports and provides management options to farmers. Over time, the data can be used to better­track farming practices, manage disease, reduce antibiotic usage, and virtually eliminate the addition of low­quality, low­fat milk into bulk storage tanks.



CO­FOUNDERS: Bethany Deshpande (CEO), Nicholas Clermont (Chief Design Officer), Bharath Sudarsan (Director of AI)

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