Bedrock Affect Client: Harbr

Using Harbr’s mobile tools, site managers track actual progress as measured against the construction schedule, augmenting a common process known as daily reporting, while contributing to a framework that exposes key insights into contractor performance, productivity, schedule management, and risks to milestone and project completion.

Harbr is a construction management application used as a turn-key solution for multi-location high volume retailers. Once a project or set of projects are identified to be managed on the Harbr platform, Harbr works directly with the prime contractors to ensure frequent and quality field data to reduce feedback loop and deliver instant context and critical project status updates. Project history and real-time field data is used to create predictions and insights into activity and productivity management.

CO-FOUNDERS: Dave Kim (CEO), Jeff Kielbratowski (COO), Mike Ouellette (CTO), Ashley Kielbratowski (Product), Candace DeLorey (Senior Engineer)

Bedrock Affect: