Bedrock Affect Client: Audible Reality

Audible Reality provides 3D Audio APIs that allow developers to create 3D listening experiences on their platforms. This technology is compatible with any type of headphone and enables realistic event streaming, high quality music streaming, and less intrusive advertising.

Audible Reality's technology is packaged as a software development kit (SDK) for communication and media app developers. The first products released are: (1) a creative web platform for automatic 3D audio production; (2) a 3D audio advertising platform that allows for spatialized ads over streaming music program; (3) 3D expansion of music that allows the user to live a fully immersive experience with conventional headphones; and (4) spatializing talkers for unified communications and podcasting. Usage is tracked through the cloud and monetized differently in different applications: streaming and communications-based usage is charged by the hour and 3D ads are purchased in groups of 1,000 through digital channels.



CO-FOUNDERS: Matt Boerum (CEO), Bryan Martin (Chief Audio Engineer), Julien Lachere (Chief IP Officer)

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