What's The Secret Ingredient To Growth?

After witnessing over 50 pitches and hearing feedback from over 100 investors it was clear to me what investors believe the key to growth is, and it’s not what I or the presenting companies imagined.

You see, After 30 years of soldiering through the corporate ladder, entrepreneurship won me over and I had the good  fortune of attending a powerful “Think Tank” with hundreds of start-ups pitching their ideas and asking for funding, you know the drill, present, get funding, grow......well think again......

It was repeated over and over again by all investors ....."partner with the right talent, and not any talent - leadership talent". It was surprising to hear - money doesn't get you growth - talent acquisition does. 

So you think "ok this should be easy"........but think again........here is the reality 

 In a recent Indeed survey  of 1000 SMB companies 59% say it is tough to hire and they go on to say the toughest skill to hire for is leadership. Yikes!

Canada is still at one of the lowest unemployment rates in years at 5.8% and looking across the border to the US they are at the lowest jobless in decades.

Your culture is your brand.
— Tony Hsieh- Zappo's

The war for talent is fierce and as an entrepreneur you are not alone. In Canada nearly 98% of the 1.17 million employer businesses are in the small category,  Statistics Canada definition of small is 1-99 employees. You are fighting not only against the large corporations but against other small companies to secure your talent to scale up.  

So, how can you effectively partner with the right talent to grow your business when the talent pool is constantly diminishing? You need a properly defined recruitment strategy to go after that specific talent....but before you even begin the recruitment process I urge you to ask yourself these questions. 

·         How am I positioning my company?

·         Who is articulating my vision and dream?

·         How well am I selling my brand?

One thing we have learnt as we have helped companies scale up with hiring talent in this competitive landscape is that your brand matters!! 

 We believe your brand is tightly linked with your Bedrock, a.k.a your core values and beliefs that drive you, that fuel your passion to perform and propel your dreams into reality. Knowing and understanding your Bedrock is the first step in building your brand into a brand that matters - a brand that will attract and retain talent in an incredibly competitive market place.

Let us help you discover your bedrock and acquire the talent to help you grow.