Today is the Best Time to Make a Decision

The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our decisions.  Often we don't know until after that fact whether a decision, big or small, is one that will change our lives forever.  Like when Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, made the routine decision to navigate his ship, the Endurance, forward through an ice pack, which after a series of unexpected events led the ship to get frozen stuck and then later crushed by the ice. 

Or like for me, when my partners and I, decided under my leadership as the CEO, to pursue and ultimately secure equity financing of a minority investor, as the much needed rocket fuel we needed (or so we thought) to accelerate the growth of our company.  Like Shackleton, our decision didn't turn out as planned, and ended in us selling prematurely and watching our ship get dismantled before our eyes.

Life happens FOR us and not TO us
— Tony Robbins

I believe, and how Tony Robbins so elegantly says,  life happens FOR us and not TO us, and while the seemingly innocuous decision to bring on a minority investor dramatically changed the course of our business, I learned an immense amount about entrepreneurship strategy, marketing, finance, integrity, trust and so many other of the fundamental skills and lessons needed to not only survive but to thrive and be happy in business and in life. 

I co-founded Bedrock to serve others as a mentor and guide and to give perspective, as probably the most I learned in my journey in building a business is about myself, and what it means to be an Owner v.s. Owned, what it means to achieve versus be fulfilled, and at that at the end of the day true fulfillment and happiness is a choice, and regardless of your circumstance the quality of our life is the quality of our decision.