Emotion, The Missing Ingredient

My two worst subjects in school were History and Afrikaans. I literally would have opted for a root canal if I could avoid having to do them.  My loathe for these subjects showed in the results, as I failed them both.

Did you have any subjects in school or university that when compared with a root canal, the root canal seemed the more pleasant option?  Have you ever thought about why this is?

In all my personal development and delving into human psychology, I finally uncovered the root cause (pun intended). It’s all in the emotion, or E-motion, where the E is the energy in the motion.  Because without emotion, it is tough to create motion.

My Bedrock perspective on History and Afrikaans, was that I saw no purpose to them, other than they were mandatory subjects in the curriculum, but once the year was done, I would never use anything I learned in these areas. 

Reacting to this belief, my brain did not generate any emotion or energy in wanting to learn the subject matter.  Our brains are always looking to conserve energy, so why expend energy in something that is not useful?  Simple idea, but it is totally true and makes so much sense.  

Passion is the genesis of genius. - Tony Robbins

The corollary of this idea is very powerful and is one of the fundamental ingredients in high performance, accelerated learning, and just getting stuff done.  Tony Robbins says, “passion is the genesis of genius”. With passion being an emotion, you understand why this quote is true.  Emotion is the signal our brain gives when it thinks something is important and hence will be investing time and energy in it.  The more emotion, the more energy, the faster we learn and the higher we perform.  

At Bedrock we always delve into values and beliefs, what we call the Bedrock, as this is the source of our emotion.

Had I just realized the Afrikaans was a language I could converse in that my kids couldn’t understand, I would have been so much more motivated to learn it!