Pressure: Dust or Diamond?

It was fall 2008 and I was enjoying a luxurious corporate evening event at the Bellagio in Vegas. Fabulous patio! My thoughts were freely flowing about how happy and amazing life was. The US recession had not hit Canada, my business results were fabulous, we had recently purchased a larger home, kids had entered private schools and my husband was thinking about quitting the job he hated and starting his own business.

My personal happy reflection was interrupted by a senior leader who wanted to give me a heads up that, due to the hit our US counterparts had experienced, bonus dollars were being cut and details would follow. As the last sentence was completed, my cell phone rang. My husband shared his great news – he quit! 

How we respond to change is all about our frame of mind and making deliberate decisions.

We all have had a “Bellagio” moment where the cards we are dealt change on the fly. How we respond to the change is all about our frame of mind and how we make deliberate decisions. At Bedrock Affect we coach many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs specifically with the principle of how pressure can turn you into dust or a diamond. Everything is ultimately an opportunity to strengthen our abilities to deal with pressure and shine.

What happened to my husband and I? Great things. It was a few years of serious hard work, innovation and courage to commit to goals. What is interesting is that it was during this same time where we had created significant professional work momentum in our respective paths that we embarked as a family upon a path of personal growth. The gains from both have been beyond words. We chose to turn pressure to diamonds.