Passion to Perform

Ask an Olympic champion the difference between winning gold or silver and they will tell you it can literally be a 100th of a second. Commitment for such an athlete is absolute. Their passion is pure. Let’s get real. Most of us can hardly make it around the track in a good time, let alone consider ourselves Olympic athletes. But what about corporate performance? Daniel Pink, in his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, shares insights about the “smarts” required by an employee. The more they need, the more they require autonomy, mastery (opportunity to get better) and purpose (their why). The common link between an Olympic athlete and a corporate performer or business owner is simple: Passion. Passion to perform.

My mother explained to me to never look back, it slowed me down.

I grew up as a 100-metre sprint athlete. I love winning. When I was about 8 years old, I was on a winning streak. I had won all my races that season. One mild South African winter's day, I was far ahead of the pack and looked behind me to see where the other kids were. That day, I came second. I was devastated. My mother told me never to look back, because it slowed me down. This has been a guiding principle in my life that has yielded personal and professional success and growth.

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