My Boss Sucks

Have you ever felt your boss has poor management skills and the management team makes ridiculous decisions? If only you were in their position, you would do things so differently.

Recently, I had the privilege of coaching two people in this exact scenario – for discretion, let's call them Joe and Sammy. Both work for the same company and for the same boss, a boss who has a very aggressive and abrasive leadership style that was severely impacting morale, performance and retention.

During my discussions with them, Joe decided the best course of action was to jump ship and find another opportunity with the hope that the grass would be greener on the other side. Sammy, on the other hand, decided to embrace the challenge as an opportunity, and rather than leave, he would ask for more responsibility, scope and control to help turn things around.

Getting an independent perspective is key.

As an intrapreneur, you will face both scenarios at some point in your corporate career. Intrapreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo and the feeling of stagnation. They have a deep need to grow and move forward, so much so that if this feeling of growth isn't satisfied, it will feel like they're failing.

Intrapreneurs possess many of the same attributes as entrepreneurs, which is what makes them so valuable to organizations. They will naturally challenge companies and the leadership to perform at a high level. If these challenges are not received well, most intrapreneurs will either leave, like Joe, or work to create change from the inside, like Sammy.

There is no 'one size fits all' answer for Joe and Sammy's situation. I believe both Joe and Sammy made the right decision that fits their core Bedrock. The main takeaway from this is that they both sought an unbiased perspective.

If Joe and Sammy’s situation resonates with you, my recommendation for figuring out what decision is best for you, is to talk it out with a mentor or a coach, or to join a mastermind group. Getting an independent perspective is key.