Are Self-Driving Jobs Next?

Have you ever felt like you are in autopilot mode in a job?  Like when you are driving a car and thinking about everything and anything except driving and you suddenly snap out of it and think – WOW! I am already at work, how did I get here, the trip is such a blur!  

In your job though, its not just the 30 minutes of the commute that is a blur – it can be months or even years that flash by, and the snapping out it can be a real opportunity for change.  

I felt this enormous emotional release, a cloud lifted that I had not even known was there.

For me, when I was working as the head of consulting services for an enterprise software company near Silicon Valley, the "snapping out of it" event was when I was fired. 

I felt this enormous emotional release, a cloud lifted that I had not even known was there.  Upon reflection, I realized the cloud was a message from my subconscious – I was not living in alignment with my beliefs and values, a condition psychologists term "cognitive dissonance".  It's frightening to think that, had I not been laid off, I could still be in a job I was convincing myself was right for me – and would have cut off the opportunity and success just around the corner. 

Wake yourself up and test if you are in autopilot mode by answering the 5 questions below: 

1. Would you keep doing what you are doing if you were not getting paid? 

2. Are you challenged and out of your comfort zone on a regular basis? 

3. If you won $1 million tomorrow, would you stay in the same job? 

4. Do you understand and agree with your company’s Mission, Vision, and Values? 

5. If your future-self travels 10 years back in time to now, would they advise you to stick it out in your current job for another 10 years? 

If you answered no to 3 or more of these questions, this could be your wake up. Seriously, just by reading this you have a different awareness that may spark a different journey for you.