Bedrock Accelerator Program

We've done it before and it isn't easy, so let us help.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

—Anne Frank

Whether you are...

  • Raising money

  • Selling your product or services

  • Hiring people

  • Scaling your business

the most important thing you need to do is Communicate WHO you are and WHY someone should trust in YOU

Let us help you perfect your pitch (clarify your brand) and introduce you to our established network as we prepare you for your next round of fundraising to get your big idea off the ground! We also work with established companies who are trying to get to the next level, need help maximizing revenue or a Series A, B or C capital raise.

Join the Bedrock Affect accelerator program and let us help you overcome the odds.

We’ve helped these companies PERFECT THEIR PITCH and prepare for their Next Fundraising Event

What’s stopping you?



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