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Bedrock Affect is made up of a team of seasoned business professionals who have worked with organizations small and large, start-ups, and Fortune 500/1000 companies with the common theme of doing things differently and delivering exceptional results. 

We take the approach of uncovering the root cause of issues and potential across business functions and within individuals and teams. Modifications are made to uproot limiting beliefs or behaviors, paving the way for breakthrough performance. 


Hello, I am Lara..

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Bedrock Affect and who I am. I have been told since birth (in Johannesburg, South Africa), I was wired with excessive positive energy and have always been in a hurry! My core belief is we have an obligation to be all we can. Life is a gift!

I am a family-committed wife and mother of three incredible children, a community volunteer and a PASSIONATE business leader. I am intense about results! My personal and professional life is filled with adventures! I enjoy making happen what others have said was not possible, should not be done or could not be done. In fact, if you know me well, telling me what is NOT possible, is the surest way to get my attention. I have put in my time on the traditional matrix of career laddering, checking the box of professional discipline. For 20 years, I successfully navigated Fortune 500/1000 firms and start-ups as a senior leader/intrapreneur. My leadership philosophy and style are deeply rooted in leading by example as a fundamental must.

Prior to co-founding Bedrock Affect, I held several senior leadership positions that have leveraged my strategic and tactical skills. I have been fortunate to have consulted for diverse business audiences and boards in an advisory as well as tactical capacity. My experiences all share a common theme of positive and productive teams and the net net...results.

Let’s get started. How can I help you achieve higher performance and maximize the gift of opportunity?


Hi, I'm Oren...

Rather than write my own bio in the 3rd person it felt more sincere to tell you about myself and what I believe I can offer in the first person, using my own words. Here it goes....

It has taken roughly twenty years of trial and error, working with very small companies to some of the largest in the world, to figure out what my high impact abilities are i.e. those things I enjoy doing, have endless energy doing, and organizations are willing to pay me lots of money for doing.

In traditional corporate speak, my high impact abilities would be categorized as strategy, marketing, and sales. In practical terms, I am good at corporate chess i.e. seeing the big picture of where industries are headed, identifying opportunities for differentiation and high growth, and ultimately helping organizations define their next moves for marketing, technology innovation, organizational structuring, and anything else needed to accelerate growth.

Not only have I eaten my own dog food, as the former CEO of a global enterprise software company, which I led through aggressive growth and a successful exit, my career has been devoted to helping companies and people realize their full potential.

My biggest accomplishment, however, is that beyond understanding what is needed to achieve financial success, I understand what I believe is needed to elevate beyond what I refer to as the Achievement Cycle into a higher state of Fulfillment, where passion and purpose live.


Hi, I'm Scott...

I focus on technology and business development at Bedrock Affect. With over 8 years in enterprise technology sales and development strategy, I have helped both start-ups and enterprise navigate complex technical solutions and implementations.

I've always enjoyed the art of the deal, crafting solutions and implementing ideas, helping companies modernize through their own digital transformation. I have a passion for working with cutting edge technologies and software and I enjoy bringing my extensive leadership and sales experience to work alongside clients and grow their business. I find that working with start-ups allows me to leverage my existing technology experience, business development experience and management experience to grossly exceed revenue targets and ensure exceptional key account growth.

I have always been passionate setting, meeting and exceeding targets that help businesses grow. I specialize in high risk, complex accounts, with significant revenue opportunities and/or a strong market share protection mandate. I have a passion for building and growing, both personally and professionally – something I’d love to share with you as we 10x your business!


Hi, I’m Ben...

I head up the CFO services division and thank for taking the time to visit us. I have over 10 years of international chartered accounting experience in South Africa, Canada and the US and have been involved with companies in different industries ranging from software to electronics recycling across varying stages of growth.

What has become clear over my journey is that Financial Discipline is a critical success factor no matter the industry or growth stage. I am a firm believer in the business idiom of “Make Yourself Redundant” by empowering others to unlock their potential and take the leap to become effective leaders.

I am all about adding value. My style is immersive and collaborative, and I believe in leading by example whatever the challenge. My approach to any challenge is rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck into the weeds while still maintain strategic oversight and clarity.

On the personal side, I am family orientated and enjoy traveling with my wife and two girls, engaging in healthy activities and watching some soccer.


Hi, I'm Dianne...

Growing up as the 2nd youngest child in a family of 6, our house was a constant frenzy of interpersonal activity and at an early age I learnt that the key to unlocking the treasure trove of human capital was understanding human nature and the power of personal relations.

I believe "people matter" and having a passion for people is what has driven my entire career. Through holding this as a foundational belief, I have instituted this mantra at the core of every business I have built and grown and every person I have hired, trained, coached, mentored or led. Amazing business success has always followed!!

Entrepreneurship has stolen my heart and after working for 30 years in the corporate world of staffing and consulting, I have exchanged the chaos of quarterly earning focus for the freedom of building businesses. What I have learnt during my time as a corporate employee is what I bring each day to our clients, a can-do attitude coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the people business. I am not afraid to jump in with both feet and get things done

Joanne Davis (2) (1) (1) (1).gif

Hi I'm Joanne...

I believe stories matter. A well-crafted story will engage, educate and entertain and that is one of our goals here at Bedrock Affect; to help you tell your story.

But just as important as the message is the medium. One of my first memories of creating videos was reporting on the effects of a major snowstorm. I was walking through a snow-covered field just after a freezing rain. The field had that simmering look that resembled a calm lake on a sunny morning. With my camera microphone pointed at my feet, I wanted to make sure I was picking up that distinctive “crunch” that all of us who have grown up around snow know well. The sound that brings you back to that January morning when you’re racing your sisters to get your boots on, so you can be the first one to jump in the newly fallen snow covering the outside lawn. Sound and visuals are powerful at evoking emotions and when you put them together the impact is even more profound.

I have over 10 years of experience working in the television industry as well as experience creating content for corporations ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 companies. From news videography to producing a weekly national talk show, to creating corporate content for different platforms, I have been fortunate to tell a lot of different stories. Let us help you tell yours.



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